Community Spotlight: Clayton Estates in Waukee

Just Minutes from Schools!

Clayton Estates is in the middle of Waukee and just minutes from schools. It’s part of a growing community with trails, recreational opportunities, restaurants and more!

This is a great location for your family!

View Greenland Homes listings in Clayton Estates. Don’t delay in contacting us! We’re in different stages of building for each home from our Advantage Series, but for many of the homes RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to pick out paint colors, features, and talk about upgrades.

Check out our featured floor plans from the Advantage Series homes in Clayton Estates:

Local Spotlight: JMT Trucking

25 years of Hauling

JMT Trucking is a dump truck company specializing in hauling aggregate and dirt for all types of industries, Commercial, residential, heavy highway, and agriculture.

“I started the company in 1994 following the sale of the ready mix concrete business that my wife and I along with her 3 brothers owned. I figured it would be a good way to continue to serve the same customer base that we had built while in the ready mix business.” – Jeff Wangsness

JMT Trucking has always valued the importance of being a good community partner. For example, we’ve always been able to count on them to support causes like the Charity House that Greenland Homes has built 5 years in a row, dedicating profits to the Children’s Cancer Connection.

Their level of service through their business and through the community is unmatched and we’re proud to work with them!

“I believe our customers have come to expect a high level of service from us. They have the confidence that we have always made it a priority to have late model equipment with highly trained drivers that provide a level of safety. Time is money in just about any business but especially the construction business in the Midwest. We only have so many working days since not much can be done during the Winter months. We have built a relationship with a lot of independents in an effort to always be able to respond to our customers demand.” – Jeff Wangsness

To learn more about JMT Trucking visit their website

Local Spotlight: Tom Onnen

Getting Your Home Ready for You to Move In

Tom Onnen’s business specializes in Final Cleans of new construction homes and Rough Cleans of new construction homes. Tom started his business over 30 years ago after seeing a need in the industry. As of today it has grown to over a million dollar company!

“Builders depend on us. We are where we are supposed to be when we are supposed to be there. We are known for our punctuality and thoroughness.” – Tom Onnen, Owner.

Backyard Decor

Image Source: Live Laugh Rowe

☝️☝️☝️ What is it about blue that just cools you off? We love this deck make over!

Keep your backyard looking cool on hot summer nights!

One of the great things about new construction homes is that you get to start with a blank slate in your backyard. Use these ideas if you’re looking for backyard inspiration this summer! And then check out the other ideas we found on Pinterest by visiting our “Backyard Living” board.

Needing a safer alternative to a bonfire? Try fairy lights on logs – just like this idea from PurrlsPlace on Etsy.

Looking for a rug that can weather the weather? Try painting your rug on the deck or patio like this idea from

Add extra lighting throughout your landscaping with these ideas from The Lux Pad.

Feeling crafty? Create some glow-in-the-dark decor, like these tiles from DIY Home Sweet Home.

Have fun decorating your backyard!

Community Spotlight: Autumn Park West in Grimes

Located on the west side of Grimes and close to W 1st street, you’ll see how easy it is to get to Hwy 141 and directly to Des Moines.

Autumn Park West connects to the Central Iowa Bike Trail System and includes parks and green space! Your family will love this community!

Schools in the district:

View Greenland Homes listings in Autumn Park West. Don’t delay in contacting us! We’re in different stages of building for each home, but for many of the homes RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to pick out paint colors, features, and talk about upgrades.

Local Spotlight: Beisser Lumber Company

Full-Service Lumberyard

Beisser Lumber is a full service lumberyard providing Iowa builders and contractors with quality building products and services for over 60 years. Established in Fort Dodge Iowa, they have expanded to include operations in Grimes (Des Moines Area) and Coralville/Iowa City. We love working with Beisser Lumber as they emphasize complete customer service, continuously striving to meet and exceed customer expectations.

They offer so many products and services! In 2004, they began the production of interior and exterior doors in their new 26,500 square foot Door Plant. They will also work to install cabinets, decking, siding, windows, and doors in your home. And we can’t talk about Beisser Lumber without mentioning the amazing decks they build (see below) …

To learn more about Beisser Lumber visit their website or connect with them on Facebook and Instagram.

Local Spotlight: Angry Goldfish

Image Source: Angry Goldfish Facebook Page. Follow them here.

South-Side Treat!

You can’t miss this red building when driving down SW 9th street. If you’re downtown, just head south and you’ll see it!

The patio on the north side of the building is covered, breezy, and delightful! If you’ve been to Angry Goldfish or already heard about them then you probably already know that they’re known for their huge, delicious burgers. They did not disappoint!

Merlot Mushroom Burger
Bruschetta Chicken Sandwich

Parking was easy – there is a lot behind the building. If that lot is full then you can park across the street (it’s easy to find and marked with signs). SW 9th is pretty busy, but we found it easy and safe to cross with no issues.

You can check out their menu and daily specials on their website.

Thank you for the delicious meal and amazing service, Angry Goldfish!

Local Spotlight: Redfox Inspections

“No one wants a cold house in the winter and hot house in the summer.”

Clients buying new construction homes probably haven’t heard of Redfox Inspections, even though they play a huge role in their daily lives. They’re a third party that is hired by home builders to make sure each client has an energy efficient home. In the end, their services provide extra comfort to homeowners. No one wants a cold house in the winter and hot house in the summer.

9 years of full service residential and commercial energy compliance inspection.

“Part of me getting into this business was out of necessity. I lost my job in the corporate world and was tired of being in the position of working for someone. I was always interested in building science and was doing research into options and this field was a good fit. I went out of state for training and got started with a few builders and the rest is history. Today we have a staff of 9 people to take care of our clients.” – Corey DePenning, owner.

Redfox Inspections is now Iowa’s only Pearl Certified energy inspection company! You can learn more about Redfox Inspections on their website and connect with them on Facebook.