2020 Charity Home Contractor Spotlight: Stensland Sod Inc

Thank you, Stensland Sod Inc!

Stensland Sod Inc is donating sod installation and landscaping for our 2020 Charity Home. We are so thankful for businesses in our community stepping in to make sure our charity home raises maximum dollars for such important causes that support our community. We will be donating the greater share of the sale profit to Children’s Cancer Connection and the remainder to CASA and the Animal Rescue League.

“We’ve installed the sod in each and every Children’s Cancer Connection home that Greenland has donated, and we are so happy to continue this partnership and help Greenland to give back to such a great cause!”

Read more about the 2020 Charity Home here.

Children’s Cancer Connection

Children’s Cancer Connection is a nonprofit organization based in Des Moines, Iowa and was founded in 1988 to connect families facing childhood cancer across the state of Iowa. They strive to connect pediatric cancer patients and their families, regardless of treatment outcome or years off treatment. They support the entire family through the entire journey by providing programs at next-to-no cost, including hospital- and clinic-based programs, camps and retreats, support services and outings, as well as scholarship opportunities.