Agent Spotlight: Bob Cupples

Get to know Bob Cupples in our “5 in 5” blog post where we sit down with our agents and get to know them in 5 minutes with 5 questions …

5 in 5 with Bob Cupples, Re/Max Concepts

1. While searching for homes, which Greenland Homes communities will home buyers find you in?

A. You’ll find me at Wolf Creek in Bondurant. It’s a gorgeous development with a pond and plenty of trees. You’ll see what I mean when you schedule a tour with me!

2. Why did you choose to represent Greenland Homes?

A. I chose to work with Greenland Homes because I believe in the process, the product, and especially the people. From start to finish, they offer a quality product and service.

3. We always ask what your favorite floor plan is – but you have another “favorite” in mind, right?

A. Yes! The show room! It’s awesome. Everything is at your fingertips creating an easy process and a great experience for the buyers. It’s fun to watch the buyers walk through and make decisions for their own home.

4. What else can you tell us about you?

A. I love Iowa and everything I’ve built here, but I absolutely love sun and sand! Nothing better than beach time with my wife, Tina, and daughter, Rylan. We love Mexico.

5. If you had to leave us with an inspirational quote, what would it be?

A. “The only place success comes before Work is in the Dictionary” – Vince Lombardi. I love this quote and take it to heart in my personal life and while serving my clients.

Thanks for sitting down with us, Bob!

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