More Options at Oxley Creek in Granger

Don’t be a stranger to Granger!

“We often say ‘Don’t be a stranger to Granger’ because we know what a great community it is! Purchasing a second plat of land in Granger was an easy decision for Greenland Homes and we’ve noticed that purchasing a home in Granger is an easy decision for homebuyers, too! Since obtaining the second plat, we’ve had 9 lots already sell! The location is perfect for commuting to Des Moines and your kids will be part of a great school system. Stop out to see Oxley Creek before it’s too late!” – Corey Kautz, Greenland Homes Founder 

American Dream Floor Plan Series Starting in the $220s

The American Dream Series from Greenland Homes is popular for a reason. These floor plans offer homebuyers affordable solutions for brand new homes with a 2-Year Builder Warranty. Homebuyers will be able to choose from ranch plans and 2-story plans, plus a few walk-out lots that are still available! Greenland Homes invites the homebuyers to be involved in the building process, encouraging them to start the process early so they can pick out finishes and upgrades in flooring, cabinetry, countertops, and fireplaces.

>View homes at Oxley Creek<

Oxley Creek features the Jackson 2-story plan, giving families an open-space that’s perfect for keeping everyone together while making dinner, doing homework, and getting ready for the day. It also features the Coolidge ranch plan, which is on a walk-out lot, giving homebuyers an affordable 3-bedroom open-ranch option. Plus, so many others!

About this Location in Granger

Oxley Creek residents will enjoy living in a close-knit community with quick access to Hwy 141, making your commute to work fast and hassle-free.  Granger also provides residents access to Jester Park, which has trails, a nature center, a golf course, cabins, and more. Plus, residents can get to Saylorville Lake in less than 20 minutes. Such great access to activities and nature!

Home Tours 

To immediately start touring lots and floorplans, please contact Tammy Heckart, RE/MAX Concepts at (515) 788-8807 or You can also follow Greenland Homes on Facebook ( for Sunday open house dates and times.

Community Spotlight: Landing at Oxley Creek in Granger

Don’t be a stranger to Granger!

Landing at Oxley Creek is is a development with easy walkability located in Granger, a community north of Grimes and just 10 minutes from the High Trestle Trail.

  • Prices starting at $179
  • Close to Woodward Granger Elementary
  • Quick commute to Des Moines

We’re building our most popular floor plans in Oxley Creek and have a few homes ready for you to tour TODAY. Call Tammy Heckart, Realtor with RE/MAX CONCEPTS at 515-778-8807 to learn more!

View Greenland Homes listings in Oxley Creek. Don’t delay in contacting us! We’re in different stages of building for each home, but for many of the homes RIGHT NOW is the perfect time to pick out paint colors, features, and talk about upgrades.

Things You Should Avoid After Applying For a Home Loan

You’ve done everything right so far; you’ve found a great lender, received a preapproval and submitted your loan package for final approval. Now you’re done, right? Wrong. Until you close on your new loan, it’s more important than ever to keep your credit steady; most lenders perform one last credit check right before they fund and a decline in your score can mean the difference between getting the home and losing the loan.

Things You Should Never do After Applying for a Loan

  • Don’t Change Jobs – While sometimes it’s unavoidable, especially if a new job is the reason for the move, but any change in income or job status creates risk and should be avoided if possible.
  • Don’t Make any Large Purchases – As tempting as it may be to go shopping for new furniture, wait until after you close to make any large purchases. This applies to furniture, appliances and even new cars. New loans could change your debt to income ratio and cause you to no longer qualify for the loan.
  • Don’t Apply for New Credit – Every time someone runs your credit report, your score is affected. This is not the Dme to search for a new credit card.
  • Don’t Close Any Credit Accounts – It might seem counterintuitive, but closing or paying off loans or credit cards might actually bring your FICO score down. The length of time you’ve had your credit open is a positive effect on credit scores.

The bottom line is to avoid doing anything to your credit. If you’re unsure of what you can or cannot do, ask you lender; they can guide you in the right direction and make sure you close on your new loan.

For specific questions about home loans, contact our preferred lender Dave Lewis with HomeServices Lending.

How We Choose Floor Plans: Client Needs

One question we’ve been asked before is – how do we choose floor plans?

There are a few factors that go into choosing a floor plan that will go on to represent Greenland Homes. We’re going to spend some time over the new few weeks giving you an inside look at how we evaluate floor plans and make sure they meet our criteria.

Today’s post is going to talk about Client Needs. This is a huge factor in choosing a floor plan!

Our clients are in different stages of their lives and looking for a home that meets different needs. Some are upgrading for more space, some are downsizing to a townhome, others are just beginning the home ownership journey and are looking for their very first home.

We keep all of this in mind when looking at floor plans. We’re always on the look-out for layouts that make a busy family life a bit easier.

  • Things like, drop zones for coats/bags/shoes when you enter from the garage
  • Laundry on the same level as the bedrooms
  • Eat-in kitchen that’s perfect for making dinner while helping with homework
  • Basement that’s ready to finish so you can keep adding livable square footage as you need it

We also choose floor plans that are perfect for first-time home buyers.

  • We understand that many first-time homebuyers are different than they were a few years ago and “family” looks different now. Clients are looking for their own home so they can finally get the pet they want. Some are buying, knowing they will have roommates with them.
  • Plus, one thing we hear the most – many first-time homebuyers are looking for something affordable. Our American Dream Series is designed with all of this in mind.

Another reason why clients choose a new home, is they are looking to downsize.

  • Some clients want a home that easier to move around in, which would make our ranch plans perfect for them.
  • Other clients aren’t worried about mobility, but they are ready to relax and not worry about things like lawn maintenance and snow removal. This makes our townhomes a perfect fit for them!

Are you ready to find a home that’s perfect for you and your family? Contact us today to start touring floor plans and to view lots in your area.

Who’s still renting?

3 Steps to Take If You’re Still Renting

Who’s still renting? You won’t be after this! We have townhomes in Ankeny and Waukee that are READY for you to move in.  Townhomes are such an easy transition to home ownership! You  will enjoy the same conveniences you already have with an apartment, like no lawn maintenance or no snow removal (nice!) PLUS MORE. Your money will go toward your OWN mortgage instead of  your landlord’s … and often times your monthly mortgage payment is cheaper than your rent payment!

Take these 3 steps so we can get you into your own home:

  1. Call our preferred lender, Dave Lewis with HomeServices Lending. He’ll walk you through the process of getting pre-approved and ready to take the next steps.
  2. Tour townhomes in Ankeny and Waukee to find your favorite.
  3. Let your real estate agent know you’re ready to write an offer!

Let’s make this happen!

American Dream Series

Are You Looking for Your First Home?

Congratulations on such a big step! Have you dreamed about building your own home? Many first-time homebuyers assume that option is off the table, that it’s too expensive. But that’s not true! The good news is that we have affordable options available to you through our American Dream Series!

Affordable Brand New Homes

Greenland Homes’ American Dream Series is a great place to start if you’re wanting to build a new home and you’re a first-time homebuyer.  When you look through our American Dream Series Floor Plans, you’ll notice the open floor plans designed around today’s modern lifestyle. It’s PERFECT for

  • entertaining friends,
  • chatting with roommates,
  • or keeping up with your growing family.

With prices starting at $180s, our American Dream Series is often called the “First-time homebuyers series” by our clients because it’s a perfect setup to help get them into a brand-new home.

Learn more about the American Dream Series: