Fun Front Door Décor for October


Welcome, Witches!

We’re loving these cute ideas for Halloween that we found on Pinterest! Are you following us on Pinterest? If not, let’s connect!

Re-Purpose Flower Pots From Summer

We love these Halloween Topsy Turvy Pots from The Keeper of Cheerios, LLC.


Trick or Treat Sign

Such a cute sign to get us in the mood for trick or treating!

Set Your Treats Out Front

Make your own DIY candy corn and greet your guests with delicious treats! Source:

Get Spooky

Another sign for your front door. We love the cute spiders on this spooky sign from on Etsy.


Psst … don’t forget about these free downloads for Halloween, too.

Check out all of our Halloween décor finds here.

How to Set Up Your First Home Office

Working from home is not a new concept, but recent events have created a mass shift in the American workforce and more people than ever before are working from home. While simply placing a laptop on the kitchen table is one way to work from home, having a designated home office offers a better environment for productivity and is easier to set up than you might think.

Find the right location

The first step is to find the right location for your home office. Although it’s great if you have a spare room to use, not everyone has this luxury. A corner of a master bedroom or living room, a loft area, or even a section of a well-insulated garage can work just as well.

Check out this corner office idea from  You’ll need a small desk and a super comfy chair!


Add Furniture & Accessories

Once you find the right space, create a list of the materials you’ll need to be productive. A formal desk is best, but if you don’t own one, then any table will work. Use bookshelves or storage cubes to keep paper, pens, and other useful items within easy reach.

The shelving above this desk from The Fashionista’s Diary is a great addition for storage!


Adjust Your Lighting

Pay attention to the lighting – both natural light and lighting fixtures. Cool light, such as sunlight, is best for productivity. Make sure you have a desk lamp or floor lamp if the room doesn’t have proper natural lighting.

This idea from Clementine Creative makes great use of natural light while having a backup lamp ready to go as well.


Make It Your Own Space

Once you have the essentials set up, it’s time to add some personal touches. Add a plant or decorate a wall with pictures you enjoy, to bring the space to life. Consider the storage elements as well, such as pen holders or file folders.

We love this space featured on the Viva Decora blog.


A home office doesn’t need to be fancy to be an effective and enjoyable space. The most important consideration is to ensure you can work in peace; it should also offer a pleasant place to be productive that is separate from your living space so you can unplug at the end of the workday.

2020 Color Trends

Classic Blue is Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year.

So Many Colors to Choose From!

Everyone is announcing their color trends for 2020 and I’ll admit, I get sucked in each time. I love looking at the gorgeous colors and dreaming of the possibilities in my own home. Pantone always comes out with a color of the year and this year it’s Classic Blue, explaining  …

“Instilling calm, confidence, and connection, this enduring blue hue highlights our desire for a dependable and stable foundation on which to build as we cross the threshold into a new era.”

Harmonious Hues

Benajmin Moore has a selection of colors they recommend for 2020 as well.

Benjamin Moore calls these colors “harmonious hues” and I couldn’t agree more! I can see these in a living room with plants and natural sunlight shinning in. Which do you like the best?

Natural Elements

Behr also picked out some favorites for 2020. Their choices were inspired by natural elements such as sky, earth, water and plants.

Behr also comments that “Seasonal changes and world exploration also play a role in how we relate to color.” – I love this! It is so true – different parts of the world have different colors painting their landscapes, what a great way to bring those elements and memories into your own home.

Infinite Calmness

Sherwin-Williams says “On the horizon between ocean and evening sky rests a color of infinite calmness” … ok that sounds good to me! We’re all living busy lives – bring on the color of 2020 that invokes calmness. Has anyone used a color this bold before?

If you’re looking to add colors to your home that invoke calmness, peacefulness, and serenity then it looks like these 2020 colors are going to help you out!

Add 2020 Color Trends to Your Home

Here are a few ways you can add these colors to your home. You don’t have to repaint an entire room (or even paint the walls … think about your furniture, too). Comment below if you’re feeling inspired or if you already have any of these colors in your house. I’d love to see a picture of how you incorporated it!

Front Door Colors

(view source & pin on Pinterest)

(View source & pin on Pinterest)

Accent Walls

(View source & pin on Pinterest)

(View Source on

Accent Pieces

(View source on

(View source & pin on Pinterest)

Fall Front Door Decor

☝️☝️☝️ Leaves and “fall” decor so fun it doesn’t need to be spelled out for us (although it is on the sign!). Image source:

Fall comes with vibrant, changing colors that transforms our landscapes and gives us a final show before winter. What gorgeous inspiration! Use these ideas to add festive fall decor to the front entry way of your Greenland Home. And then check out the other ideas we found on Pinterest by visiting our “Fall Decor” board.

A little humor, a lot of pumpkins and mums from House on Longwood Lane.

Bonus: House on Longwood Lane also shows you how to make the door mat yourself!

Stacked crates, lights, and candles brighten up this entry way from

Welcome everyone with a bench and throw pillows from

Feature a vintage look like this one from

Backyard Decor

Image Source: Live Laugh Rowe

☝️☝️☝️ What is it about blue that just cools you off? We love this deck make over!

Keep your backyard looking cool on hot summer nights!

One of the great things about new construction homes is that you get to start with a blank slate in your backyard. Use these ideas if you’re looking for backyard inspiration this summer! And then check out the other ideas we found on Pinterest by visiting our “Backyard Living” board.

Needing a safer alternative to a bonfire? Try fairy lights on logs – just like this idea from PurrlsPlace on Etsy.

Looking for a rug that can weather the weather? Try painting your rug on the deck or patio like this idea from

Add extra lighting throughout your landscaping with these ideas from The Lux Pad.

Feeling crafty? Create some glow-in-the-dark decor, like these tiles from DIY Home Sweet Home.

Have fun decorating your backyard!

Front Door Decor

Image Source: Hobby Lobby

Add Bursts of Color & Greenery to Your Front Entry

This warm weather has us ready to spend our free time outdoors. We thought updating our front entries would be a fun way to spend time outside! Check out the ideas we found on Pinterest (visit our “Front Door Decor” board for more ideas!) …

We love this easy-to-implement idea from DigsDigs (visit their site here).

And these ferns combined with the navy blue door from On Sutton Place (check out the rest of their door decor ideas here).

How about this look from Lantern Lane Designs, achieved by layering welcome mats! (Visit their site here.)

If you’re tight on room, a small display on one side of your door is just as effective. We love this design from HOME BNC (view more of their ideas on their site).

What about you? We’d love to hear about how you’re decorating your front entry way!