Local Spotlight: Redfox Inspections

“No one wants a cold house in the winter and hot house in the summer.”

Clients buying new construction homes probably haven’t heard of Redfox Inspections, even though they play a huge role in their daily lives. They’re a third party that is hired by home builders to make sure each client has an energy efficient home. In the end, their services provide extra comfort to homeowners. No one wants a cold house in the winter and hot house in the summer.

9 years of full service residential and commercial energy compliance inspection.

“Part of me getting into this business was out of necessity. I lost my job in the corporate world and was tired of being in the position of working for someone. I was always interested in building science and was doing research into options and this field was a good fit. I went out of state for training and got started with a few builders and the rest is history. Today we have a staff of 9 people to take care of our clients.” – Corey DePenning, owner.

Redfox Inspections is now Iowa’s only Pearl Certified energy inspection company! You can learn more about Redfox Inspections on their website and connect with them on Facebook.