Local Spotlight: Stensland Sod, Inc.

Sod Farm & Installation

Stensland Sod is a family owned and operated sod farm and sod installation business. They specialize in residential new construction in central Iowa, and also do a few bigger commercial jobs each year including local golf courses, and collegiate and city football, baseball and soccer fields.

In 2002 owner, Justin Stensland, was working for another sod company and decided he thought he could run things better himself …

“Being inexperienced and young, I started a sod company in the Fall, right before the Winter shut down in Iowa. Luckily, I was able to recover from that first bad decision and grow with my company for the last 17 years!”

… and we’re so glad he took the jump and started his own business! We’ve enjoyed working with Stensland Sod and love the way our properties look when he’s finished.

“People are always surprised at how having grass in their yard just finishes their home. We love giving people the curb appeal and finish they desire so they can instantly enjoy the way their new home looks.”

Want to learn more about Stensland Sod? Visit stenslandsod.com to learn more about their services and see examples of their work.