Greenland Homes Referral Program

$500 Gift Card

The best compliment that you could ever give us is when you refer your friends and family to Greenland Homes! We’re so grateful and as a “Thank you!” we’re giving you a $500 gift card.

How it works

You must be a current owner of a Greenland Homes. After your friend or family member closes on their new Greenland Home, you will get a gift card!

  1. Print off the Greenland Homes Referral Program form
  2. Complete your information, sign it, and give to your friend or family member
  3. The referral form must be presented to a Greenland Homes representative by the new homeowner at time of purchase.
  4. You’ll receive your referral reward by mail upon the closing of the referred home.

Our referral program is subject to change. Check back for rules and details.

Updated: May 28, 2020